La Bella Founder and CEO Mia Florides

“Since the very first day my mission has been crystal clear.”

La Bella Baskets has been in business since 2009


La Bella Baskets & Gifts was created in 2009 by Founder - Mia Florides. With a wealth of experience, and a history of many years of marketing and successful direct selling, Mia knew there was a bigger mission in her plans. Hence, La Bella was created with one simple dream in mind; to focus on empowering people through American entrepreneurship, while helping them to achieve financial independence by delivering joy and smiles to people and businesses through gift giving.

Mia’s dream for La Bella is to encourage and promote the spirit of giving through all that La Bella does.

“It feels great to know that my team and I are delivering joy and smiles into people’s lives each and every day. This business has blessed me with so many opportunities, and I get to work with thousands of Gift Boutique consultants who have embraced my vision, and the culture of La Bella. These consultants run their own business doing what they love as they help others by delivering joy and smiles – just like what I love to do!”

La Bella Baskets & Gifts is more than a direct selling company; it’s a way of thinking and a culture of empowerment that extends to our Gifting Experts and our way of doing business. With programs such as our Basket of Smiles that delivers beautiful gift baskets to single moms, and our monthly gift basket giveaway, at La Bella we believe the reason for living is giving!

I hope you join our La Bella Family and my mission which is: To bring joy, love, and beauty to others, to seek all that is good in life, and to appreciate the sweetness of each day while inspiring everyone to believe that anything is possible!

Mia Florides

Founder & CEO

Bella the Hummingbird

Bella's Core Values



Creating a company that has all the fundamentals to help everyone grow.

A company that continues to provide an opportunity to help everyone fulfill their dreams of working from home. Where everyone starts at the same level working towards their freedom.



Serving our customers through gift giving.

Helping to strengthen bonds with family, friends and businesses through act of kindness and love. To develop enthusiastically satisfied customers at all times!



A gift that gives right back

We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We have a compelling desire and passion to give back because the reason for living is giving.